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The Australian Post Virtuemart 3 & 4 Shipping Plugin

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This is the VirtueMart 3 & 4 AusPost "Australia Post" Shipping Plugin that fully integrates and shows real time shipping quotes based on vendor and customer postcodes in the checkout process.
Installs as a native VirtueMart 3 & 4 - Joomla 3 & 4 Shipping Plugin.

You can download it here - Download
Price is €50.00

Dedicated Test Site Here GJC Web Design Aussie Test Site
Download our Australian Post Virtuemart 3 & 4 Shipping Plugin Instruction PDF to see just how simple to use it is.

Remember - updates for current major VM or Joomla releases free for 12 months!!!

Any questions just use our Support Page - please mention your order id and email you used while ordering.

Our VirtueMart 3 & 4 Shipping Module/Plugin for the Australian Post Office Parcel Service - Domestic and International services has been in constant development since we followed up our Australian Post VM1.1 version in early 2012.

The latest version is 4.0..0

Full rewrite for Virtuemart 3.0 & Joomla 3.0

# logo choose on cheapest v1.2.7 08.01.2014
# added discount v1.2.8 18.01.2014
# heavy rewrite - eliminated extra cURL calls v1.2.9 26.04.2014
# insurance added v1.2.9 26.04.2014
# small bug in height/vol calc fixed v1.3.0 17.07.2014

# complete rewrite for Joomla3/VM3 26.08.2014  v3.3.1
# complete rewrite of conditions 28.08.2014  v3.3.2
# plgVmDeclarePluginParamsShipmentVM3 15.10.2014  v3.3.3
# added discount trigger level 09.03.2015  v3.3.4
# added overweight routine 12.11.2015 v3.3.5
# new Int codes 14.06.2016 v3.3.6
# new endpoint urls 28.06.2016 v3.3.7
# fix for latest ShipTo address select / postcode in display 14.09.2016 v3.3.8
# weights in display, volume fix, mm heights 24.09.2016 v3.3.9
# updater server entered 01.01.2017 v3.4.0
# $address call changed : $address = $cart -> getST(); line 236 & 866 28.01.2017 v3.4.1 
# 09.09.2017 v3.4.2 bug fix on calc lengths line 357 - added dynamic update
# 12.07.2018 v3.4.4 bug fix $overweightfactor - line 613
# 01.09.2019 v3.4.5 New AusPost Satchel codes added
# 12.11.2020 v3.4.6 bug fix displays free/postcode etc - line 1545
# 02.10.2021 v3.4.7 new parcel codes
# 10.01.2022 v3.4.8 php 8 fixes
# 11.12.2022 v4.0.0 php VM4 / Joomla 4


Free shipping with proper labels:

Many shipping plugins just return a blank when free shipping is triggered. Ours returns a proper label!



Add your own icon images:

Just upload your own images (60px x 40px) to plugins/vmshipment/auspost/auspost_images/ and they will be available in the plugin admin for selection.

Automatically finds the cheapest AusPost method:

If you select 'Cheapest Rate Always' in the 'Choose the required shipping method' drop down our plugin will automatically find the cheapest rate and display its correct name!

N.B.  don't mix the 'Cheapest Rate Always' with other relevant (i.e. Domestic or International) methods.

auspost-virtuemart-cheapest-rate admin


Over length protection:

AusPost sets length limits for it's parcel delivery as below:
  • Standard parcel: 105cm
  • Small satchel: 35.5cm
  • Medium stachel: 40.5cm
  • Large satchel:  51cm

We have of course provided full length detection for these methods and if any of the products in the order are over these dimensions ( and your not using 'One click set for measurements' ) that particular method will not be returned by the system.

One click set for measurements:

As you probably know AusPost calculates the shipping cost based on weight. But they also calculate a "volume weight" based on length x height x width. This will apply to large bulky but light parcels but won't affect 99% of users (unless you ship feathers etc). Therefore AusPost requires these measurements to be sent as well.
There is also a 105cm length limit on standard parcel measurements and a length limits for the Satchels. This is also checked by the plugin.
If your articles have only weights without size measurements the plugin will calculate a per side measurements to send to AusPost (they are required) based on the cube root of the total volume.
This is an all or nothing system - so if you have no measurements it will work but if some of your items have measurements and are added to the cart with the non-measurement items the total of the with measurements will be used and be inaccurate!
For best accuracy ALWAYS ad measurements to your products especially if they are of "unusually" large sizes!

Fail safe protection:

We have had some reports of the AusPosts servers timing out at busy periods in which case a the native shipping routines would consider a no-return as zero and make it select-able for the client!

We have coded the AusPost Shipping Plugin to check for a valid response and if non is received to grey out (make non-selectable) the radio button and to display a message: 'AusPost did not respond - please try again'.

auspost-virtuemart-fail safe

Fully GST compatible:

Our plugin also is coded to provide the correct GST diaplay within the cart, taking the value from the tax configuration of your site.



Clear Information for your visitors:

We also return the the error messages from AusPost to the client so they understand any problem that may occur e.g. a non-valid postcode.
This can be displayed in the methods themselves or use the Virtuemart messaging system or both.

You can even choose your own message to display in the methods when an error occurs!
The method selection of course is disabled for any method that has an error - the radio button is disabled and greyed out.



Pre-fail on errors:

Another option that is selectable for each domestic method is Pre-fail on an AusPost error (normally it would be a non valid postcode). This effectively works as a postcode validator for your site, by simply changing the default VirtueMart error message 'We are sorry, no shipment method matches the characteristics of your order.' (COM_VIRTUEMART_CART_NO_SHIPPING_METHOD_PUBLIC) to 'Please check your postcode!'
This can slow the return of the shipping price a little so try it and see if it's acceptable.


Signature on Delivery:

This is fully configurable in the plugin administration with choice of price and label. The labelling is automatic.


Full debugging available:

If for any reason the AusPost Virtuemart shipping plugin doesn't return what you expected debugging is a breeze. Simply switch on the debugging option in the AusPost plugin options and a full and complete readout of everything the system is calculating and receiving from AusPost is printed out.
Any problems are simple to diagnose!



Our plugin is very simple to install and configure and if you need any help we are always here. 
Just read some of the reviews on Joomla Extensions to see what other customers think of our service!


Our plugin is very simple to install and configure and if you need any help we are always here.

Just download our AusPost VirtueMart 3 & 4 Shipping Plugin Instruction PDF to see just how simple it is.

You can read some of the reviews on Joomla Extensions to see what other customers think of our service!


"Thanks for a great, well coded, extension with great support.

Took a couple of minutes to install and select the appropriate options, the instructions page is simple but covers everything needed (included an override to display zero values which I implemented first go) and when the client later wanted free shipping for selected items, John from GJC was as good as his word and responded within 12 hours (different time zones) with a solution."

You can download the plugin here - Download
Price is €50.00

Any questions just use our support page - we are here to help!

Last Updated on Monday, 12 December 2022 16:12
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Virtuemart 3 & 4 Joomla 3. & 4 AusPost Australia Shipping Plugin released|Joomla & VirtueMart Tips & How To's

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