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Integration of the TaxCloud US tax procesing service with Virtuemart 3.0 completed.

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tax cloud logoThe problem of USA sales tax limits the usabiliy of Virtuemart for any US based online shop.

By law the relevant sales tax must be charged according to the delivery address in the United States if you have a "presence" in that state.

We have now integrated the TaxCloud service to enable the automation of this tax requirement.

The version in the download is for VM3.2.12

Download -??Price is ?60.00

taxcloud-vm-pic sqAs they say on their website, "TaxCloud is a the internet's only free sales tax processing service". Our integration is a standard Joomla Plugin with no core hacks. After enabling the plugin one simple configuration in the Virtuemart 3.0 Taxes & Calculation Rules is all that's nesscesary. Address verification with the USPS is included so if the address cannot be found the user is re-directed back to their address management to correct the error.

*******------ there is an update for users going to php7 .. this is not an inherent TaxCloud plugin problem but a problem with the servers cached version of the WSDL file being not compatible across php versions. basically the fix is to allow the cache to be disregarded by TaxCloud until the cache runs out and then the cache can be reused. This is version TaxCloud 3.2.00 and is fully checked on VM3.2.12 - full instructions in the plugin.  -------***********

You are required to register with to receive an account id and key. This is completely free. For the address verification a registration with the USPS is now no longer required. Just enter a 1 in the api key field.

The configuration is then very easy.
First enable the "taxcloud" Joomla Plugin and then go to your Virtuemart 3 "Tax and calculation Rules".
Click on "New" and fill in the fields as below. This rule can be filtered by States so if for example you only need to charge sales tax for Colorado - just chose this in the drop-down.

We have also implemented Taxability Information Codes through the native Virtuemart Custom Fields.
A lot more information is contained in our handbook which you can download here - GJC Virtuemart Taxcloud Handbook.
A fully functioning test site is at GJC VM3.0 TaxCloud Test Site

As you scroll down you will find some new fields to configure yor USPS and Taxcloud authentication plus message texts.


For the correct function you must have a valid Vendor address (in the VirtueMart 3 Shop configuration) and shipping method.

Both the vendor and destination address are checked by street and town and corrected by the USPS lookup.

Tax is applied to the product and shipping automatically.


If the destination address is not one that is configured in your TaxCloud account admin it is ignored.
The States that you wish to charge sales tax for a fully configuarable in your TaxCloud account.

As you collect tax (i.e. when the sale is confirmed by the Payment or manually in VM admin) it is all instantly available in your TaxCloud account admin "Transactions"


You can even cancel all or part of the order and the tax is deleted from your account.

virtuemart-taxcloud-product cancel tc

You can download the plugin here: VirtueMart 3.0 US Sales Tax Taxcloud Plugin
The version in the download is for VM3.2.12

N.B. From version 3.0.21 compatible with AwoCoupons free and standard VM coupons ( untested on AWO Pro) .
Kudos to Stan from Rupostal who has done a lot of work on the plugin making it much faster! - is now fully compatible with the Rupostal OPC

Last Updated on Monday, 20 May 2019 16:14
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Integration of the TaxCloud US tax procesing service with Virtuemart 3.0 completed.

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