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A Joomla 4 Plugin to show the number of page views anywhere in your content

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Our popular Joomla Page Views plugin has been updated for Joomla 4.x. This Joomla 4.x Plugin allows you, with just a short tag, to insert the number of page views (hits) of any article along with the linked title to the page.
As well some standard text can be included before and after the page views number and a left or right float can be specified.
New to this release the texts can come from the included language files allowing translation of the texts.

Price €10.00

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How it works -

  • It replaces a unique tag {*jpageviews 00 none} (asterisk inserted to prevent parsing) with the number of page views (hits) of the chosen article along, optionally, with the linked title to the page.
  • If the required page views (hits) is the currently displayed page then the number to insert is 00.
  • If you require another page then insert that article id number.
  • If you require a left or right float then use those words, otherwise use none.
  • The text boxes accept html so if you wanted a different text colour, font etc you could apply a class and style it in your css sheet or just add a span styling in the first and last text box.

jpageviews 200px

Installation -

  • Install in the normal way via Extensions-->Install/Uninstall.
  • Enable the plugin via Extensions-->Plugin Manager.
  • Fill in any text you may want in the text boxes.
  • Choose whether you want the article titles and whether the title is linked.

Example -

The html for this is as follows:
  • {jpageviews 00 none}
  • {jpageviews 58 none}
  • {jpageviews 22 none}
  • {jpageviews 239 none}
This is a CONTENT Plugin - it ONLY works on Joomla content!
You can see a demo page here - J4.x Pageview Demo

If you have any comments, suggestions or need any help please use the support page.

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Joomla 3.x/4.x jPageViews Plugin|Joomla 2.5 Extensions|Joomla Downloads

A Joomla 4 Plugin to show the number of page views anywhere in your content

Joomla 3.x/4.x jPageViews Plugin, Joomla 2.5 Extensions, Joomla Downloads


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