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Website Design
      & Website Support

  • Do you want your business or practice to be represented by a Website design in an original and professional manner?

  • Does your current Website design need refreshing or additions?

  • Do you need some customisation work done on your Joomla or Virtuemart website?

  • Do you need a web designer to step you through the whole process of achieving your dream website?

  • Do you need help incorporating or customising components or modules into your website design?

  • Do you need advice on all aspects of e-commerce and web design?

  • Do you require a multilingual website - our specialty?

GJC Webdesign UK web design Many UK small business owners think that the process of creating a website design is too expensive, time-intensive and difficult to make it worthwhile. But, it is possible and easier than you think!

We at GJC Web Design can help you to realise your dream website.

Currently in the UK there just over 84% of the population having an internet connection of which Broadband accounts for over 80 percent. Your web site should be in contact with these potential customers. Our web designers can ensure you have a web design to make this possible.

A good website design is a must as an economical advertising tool. Once your website is live and visible it costs nothing to reach over 56 million potential UK customers! Compare that to the price of print advertising.

Our web site designers will provide you with the complete website design from initial ideas and conception, search-engine optimisation ( SEO ) through to arranging domain name acquisition and hosting. Our prices start at £500 / €350 for a complete website package.

As the price of web-hosting solutions has tumbled a website has become an extremely price efficient means of making people aware of who you are and what you do. We can also offer you 1 years hosting and domain name for less than £100 / €100.

Our multilingual Web design solutions are crucial in building business contacts outside the boundaries of the UK and of course within the cross cultural areas, e.g the Belgium, Holland and Germany border areas.

Website design and creation

We can design and produce a website to your exact requirements incorporating your current company "image" or starting from a completely new design.
  • The process starts with a full consultation between our web designersand you to set out the initial parameters, layout, colours and content for your website. This can be done via phone, Skype, email or online messaging.
  • The preliminary Web design is worked through with you until you are satisfied with the appearance and layout of the design.
  • At all times the development of the Web design is under your full control with regular consultation either by phone, email, chat, on-line or face-to-face with our website designers.
  • Our web designers also ensure that technically the Website design is optimised for search ability SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation ) and standards.
  • Translations for a multilingual Web site to other required languages ( e.g. French, German, Dutch etc ) can be done by us as well as domain-name acquisition (the "www.your-company.co.uk").
  • Hosting (how your Website is broadcast to the internet) is also be arranged by us with our UK based servers.
  • All maintenance and updating of the Web site and its design can of course be handled by us.

In other words we help you every step of the way to achieve that website you need!

Website redesign or refresh

GJC Webdesign UK web design An attractive website design is of course a must but does it immediately present potential UK customers with the required minimum information?
Studies in the UK show that if visitors cannot find the information they require on a website within ~30 seconds they will move on to another Website.

  • Does your website fulfil this criteria?
  • Is the web design slow to load?
  • Once the website has loaded is it immediately apparent who you are and what you offer?
  • Is your Web design navigation simple and straightforward?
  • Is your Website design up-to-date or do links lead no-where or even worse to incorrect information?
  • Does your Website design cater for multilingual or bilingual users as well as UK users?

If not you are loosing potential customers to your website.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

google yahoo windows live search

Many website designs are almost invisible to search-engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.
This is critical as ~80% of UK web surfers use search engines when they initially go on-line to look for a product or service so therefore Search Engine Optimisation is critical.

But as I'm sure you have experienced, the moment your website is public the spam emails promising the earth from so called "Search Engine Optimisers" start to arrive. The sad fact is this whole area has become victim to scam merchants and people who plainly don't know what they are doing....

There have recently been huge changes to the Google Search Algorithm (Panda and Penguin) which has hit most websites very negatively - destroying years of careful optimisation. The long and the short of it is, if your website is of a reasonable layout with good content and clear navigation (and ours always are) then the ONLY thing that makes a difference is 3rd party linking from "quality" sites - the rest you can forget. And there in lies the problem - it is difficult to do!

We outsource all our off page SEO requirements now (though of course our websites are fully optimised for Search Engines "on page") because it requires skills that frankly don't have much to do with web development - therefore we leave it to the professionals.

We are therefore delighted to have found a really trust-worthy and professional company working out of Australia - SEOJuice SEO. We have handed a few of our clients onto Dave and his staff and we have been very impressed with their professionalism and competence.
  • They will apply tried and tested Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)techniques for your web site that will ensure your potential customers will be able to find you and your website. With their knowledge of the latest techniques needed to comply with the recent Panda & Penguin updates an improvement and claw back of your lost rankings is ensured.
  • They will help achieve an upward trend in search result rankings of your website by the careful fine tuning of a new or existing web design.
  • They will submit your Website to major and specialist social media thereby establishing new links to your website.
  • They will establish back links with other related websites to further push your link rating and therefore your search ranking of your website.
  • The application of their SEO knowledge will dramatically boost your websites visibility in all the important internet search engines.
  • As an example of their expertise these links bring you to a live search of the 3 major search engines for one of this sites chosen "key-phrases" .

    Search Google UK for "Web Design England"
    (Number 1 out of ~78,770,000 results)

    Search Windows Bing for "VirtueMart Web Design"
    (Number 1 out of 237,000 results)

    Search Yahoo for "Web Design England"
    (Number 1)

NB. These are not paid for results!!!, just good search engine optimisation (SEO) results.

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GJC Website Design UK, Joomla Developer, VirtueMart Developer, Template Developer, web site designs, England, Britain, UK, Belgium, search-engine optimisation (SEO). Multilingual.

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