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A customize Virtuemart 2.0 example. Custom modules and product display.

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Virtuemart Development Example 1
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Below is a recent example of some of the types of Virtuemart development we can do.

This client  is developing a Computer games price comparison site using Joomla 2.5 with Virtuemart 2.0. Each game in Virtuemart is a Parent product and the Children products are the available games for price comparison. Therefore all the children need to be visible on the product page and ordered by price.

This we did by building a new Virtuemart 2.0 product details template and additionally we re-developed parts of the product model to provide the correct ordering.

develope virtuemart product details
There were a number of other Virtuemart 2.0 parts that needed developing.

As none of the products are actually sold - the links lead to the seller's sites products, the normal Virtuemart 2.0 product Module (mod_virtuemart_product) couldn't be used as there is no "top ten", "featured" etc..
So we developed a new VirtueMart 2.0 Module where the site owner can simply insert the product ids that he wanted to show plus some new Virtuemart module templates that can be selected from the module interface.

develop virtuemart product module administrationcustomize virtuemart product module
The last task was to develop the slideshow - for this we had to rewrite a commercial VirtueMart slideshow so that the product ids could be manually added AND that the image of the product was taken from another folder as the product images weren't suitable. Obviously the price etc was taken directly from the Virtuemart database tables.

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Customize Virtuemart 2.0|Virtuemart Plugins|Virtuemart 2.0 Modules|Joomla & VirtueMart Tips & How To's

A customize Virtuemart 2.0 example. Custom modules and product display.

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