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Our Support Policy

We have made a few changes recently to our support so please read further.

This has been bought about because:

  • Having any sort of forum or comments board was a lot of work to maintain, regularly spammed and a very uncomfortable way to communicate.
  • The majority of people never bother to reply or inform us if our advice or fix helped.
  • Very few ever bother to say thank you.
  • Even fewer bother to leave a review on Joomla Extensions.
  • Three donations were received in 4 years.

Having said all that we are perfectly happy to respond to any questions and to work with you to solve any problems.
All our extensions have been thoroughly tested and WORK! - if they don't work on your install then there is something different about YOUR install compared to a standard Joomla installation.

  • If it is a relatively simple problem like you haven't got CURL enabled etc then we will advise you.
  • If you haven't bothered to read the installation instructions then do so - that's why they are there.
  • If you need some changes to YOUR site to make this work then our time will be charged for - a minimum currently of €22.50 + VAT for a half hour.
    We will need a Jo0mla admin login and ftp access.
  • If you require some extra features etc then we are quite happy to provide this at our going rate above.
    We always quote on all jobs beforehand.

If you have a problem

In the first instance please check your spam for lost downloads and while your there check that you provided a correct email address.
You cannot believe the number of people that provide a wrongly spelt email!!!

If still no luck CONTACT us and wait 36 hours for a reply... We are not permanently sitting at our email waiting on you to write - we do sometimes sleep so be patient! Remember the time difference especially as we have a lot of Aussie customers and we are in Europe. Yes, we have had people ring us at 3:30am!

This may be old fashioned but we do expect politeness in all communication... If your not capable of that then please don't bother - go and learn some manners and then try again later.

Tell us what the problem is

  • We thought that would be obvious but have seen emails that say - "can't install - what's wrong"
  • Tell us what extension, what version of Joomla (and Virtuemart if relevant) and the Order Number.
  • Extension downloads are valid for ONE download - this has been nesscesary because of people posting links.
    If you couldn't download because of finger trouble then contact us and we will re-enable.

Reviews on Joomla Extensions

Please provide a review for the extension you have used.
These are very useful for the Joomla community and help people decide on whether the extension is useful for them.

So - having said all that and checked the information available for each download please feel free to use the contact form below....

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GJC Website Design UK, Joomla Developer, VirtueMart Developer, Template Developer, web site designs, England, Britain, UK, Belgium, search-engine optimisation (SEO). Multilingual.

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