GJC VirtueMart 3 & 2 Product Lock Plugin

prodlock-vm-picWith a standard Virtuemart 3 or 2 install it is quite possible for a single item (i.e. an item with a stock level of 1) to be ordered multiple times by different customers because no stock level is adjusted until  the item is fully checked out.

Just adding to your cart doesn't prevent other customers from also doing this and successfully checking out - obviously not good if you are running a shop that sells one off items!

Our plugin and template adjustments solve this problem fully - as soon as an item with a stock level of 1 is added to a cart it is 'locked' i.e. other visitors are prevented from adding it to their cart until the item is 'released' by manually being removed from the cart or the cart session of the 'buyer' running out and our plugin then releasing it.

Obviously if the item is successfully checked out then the stock falls to 0 so it then can not be ordered.

Just open this site in two separate browsers and start adding and deleting products from the Test product menu to see how it works!

You can read lots more about it from our GJC VM Product Lock PDF.

You can download it here. GJC VM Product Lock