How the VM 3.0 Product Review Component works

There is an extensive help pdf available here: Virtuemart 3.0 Product Review Package Instruction PDF
When an order is confirmed in your Virtuemart shop a plugin stores the details of each product purchased along with the product image and can even be set to copy this image to a save folder so if the product is later deleted the images are still available.

Depending on your settings a reminder email can be sent out to the client after a setable time asking them to review their product.

When the client logins to your site in the "My Account" area is an extra tab with all the products he has purchased (note products - not orders) and there they have the ability to place a review for each product or read the reviews they have placed before hand.

vmreview reviews

vmreview reviews read

vmreview reviews view

Of course there is full management for the Administrator to moderate, publish and set up new reviews.

The reviews can be displayed in multiple ways - either as a review page ( see here ) or as modules

( one on the lower right) that can be set to display in various ways.

Also with  a simple template over ride the appropriate review can be shown on the Virtuemart Product Page.

vmreview product display

vmreview reviews front 

And please remember we are always here to help - we pride ourselves on our customer support so feel free to ask via our Support Page.