Virtuemart 3.0 Product Review Component

vm reviews sqThis is the VirtueMart 3.0 Product Review Component that provides an 'Amazon' like product review. In other words users can only review products that they have actually bought and they are all grouped together within their Account Management area. The Admin can of course add new reviews and moderate/edit existing reviews.

At the moment any VirtueMart registered user can review any product whether they have bought it or not. With this extension only registered users who have bought the product can review it. 

The package can also handle "one off" products as it stores each purchased products details and user information to a separate component which the administrator has full control over.

Even if the product is later deleted from VM there record is still kept along with the image in the VMReview component.

It can also be set up to send review reminder emails to the purchaser after a set period of time.
Old orders can be imported and the customer sent a fully configurable email asking if they would like to place a review.

Reviews can be displayed on each product, in modules or as a stand-alone reviews page.

Just start bowsing from the Test product menu to see how it works!

You can read lots more about it from our Virtuemart 3.0 Product Review Package Instruction PDF.

You can download it here: Virtuemart 3.0 Product Review Component Download