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VirtueMart 3.0 Shipping Plugin for the Australian Post Office Parcel Service - Domestic and International v.3.3.9

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Virtuemart 3.0 shipping plugin Australia Post - AusPost

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This is a VirtueMart 3.0 Shipping Plugin for the
Australian Post Office Parcel & Letter Service
Domestic and International

Full information is provided here:
virtuemart 3 auspost australia shipping plugin released

Any questions just use our support page - we are here to help!
Our plugin is very simple to install and configure and if you need any help we are always here.

Dedicated Test Site Here GJC Web Design Aussie Test Site

Remember - updates for current major VM or Joomla releases free for 12 months!!!

Just use our Support Page and request your update - please mention your order id and email you used while ordering.
We will email you the new zip bundle - just re-install as normal - all your methods and settings will be saved.

Full rewrite for Virtuemart 3.0 & Joomla 3.0

There is a separate version for J2.5/VM3 - please contact me first!
Current owners please contact me for an upgrade - a small fee is charged - only nesscesary if you are moving to Joomla 3.x

Just download our AusPost VirtueMart 3 Shipping Plugin Instruction PDF to see just how simple it is.

You need to apply to Australian Post for an api key to use the calculator. Simply enter it in the plugin configuration.

You need to register here Register


Your units for the product need to be in centimeters and kilos!

auspost shipping_virtuemart-2-dimensions

Install the Joomla 3.x Plugin by using the standard Joomla installer for the file VM.3.0.auspost.shipping.plugin.3.3.x.zip 

The next step is to enable the VM Aus Post Shipping plugin in the Joomla 3.x Extensions->Plug-in manager.

auspost VM2 plugin shipping

Then go to Virtuemart-->Shop->Shipment Methods and click 'New'.
Use the settings below (this is for Domestic). After saving intially you can then configure the parameters.
You can chose any of the various AusPost shipping methods or choose to show only the cheapest.
You can also configure letter or Parcel rates.

auspost shipping_virtuemart-2-setup 

Full configuration instructions are availble in AusPost VirtueMart 3 Shipping Plugin Instruction PDF .

The module calculates in real time the shipping price from Australia Post considering the following parameters -


  • Store Owner Postcode
  • Customer Postcode
  • Quantity
  • Weight (kilo)
  • Length (centimeter)
  • Girth (centimeter)

checking via the auspost server and return live quotes.

See a working example at the Aussie Plugins VM test site 2
User : testshopper
Pass : testshopper

For International user use:
User : testshopperb
Pass : testshopperb

# auspost.php v1.2.6
# notice suppression v.1.1.6 05.07.2012
# letter added v.1.1.7 19.08.2012
# free shipping added v1.1.8 12.12.2012
# free bug fix (if no $free) v1.1.9 28.12.2012
# bug fix (debugging var) v1.2.0 3.01.2013
# error handling v1.2.1 26.01.2013
# GST handling v1.2.2 12.02.2013
# new error handling v1.2.3 25.02.2013
# INTL_SERVICE_RPI v1.2.4 16.05.2013
# Large rewrite of code v1.2.5 12.10.2013
# added cURL debugging v1.2.6 18.10.2013
# logo choose on cheapest v1.2.7 08.01.2014
# added discount v1.2.8 18.01.2014
# heavy rewrite - eliminated extra cURL calls v1.2.9 26.04.2014
# insurance added v1.2.9 26.04.2014

# small bug in height/vol calc fixed v1.3.0 17.07.2014

# complete rewrite for Joomla3/VM3 26.08.2014  v3.3.1

# complete rewrite of conditions 28.08.2014  v3.3.2
# plgVmDeclarePluginParamsShipmentVM3 15.10.2014  v3.3.3

# added discount trigger level 09.03.2015  v3.3.4

# added overweight routine 12.11.2015 v3.3.5
# new endpoint urls https://digitalapi.auspost.com.au 28.06.2016 v3.3.7
# fix for latest ShipTo address select / postcode in display 14.09.2016 v3.3.8
# weights in display, volume fix, mm heights 24.09.2016 v3.3.9

Full information is provided here:
virtuemart 3 auspost australia shipping plugin released



When you fill out your registration, if you are outside the EU the tax will not be charged!

When you buy you will be directed to Paypal where you can pay as a Paypal member or Credit Card.
You will then receive an email with a link to download the zip file.

Last Updated: Monday, 24 October 2016 21:49
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Virtuemart 3.0 shipping plugin Australia Post - AusPost|Virtuemart 2.0 Plugins|Joomla Downloads

VirtueMart 3.0 Shipping Plugin for the Australian Post Office Parcel Service - Domestic and International v.3.3.9

Virtuemart 3.0 shipping plugin Australia Post - AusPost, Virtuemart 2.0 Plugins, Joomla Downloads


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